Certificate of Occupancy Documents

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Certificates of Occupancy are $263 ($150 Building Inspection fee plus a $75 Fire Marshall's Office fee plus a $38 processing fee).


All pages of the above documentation must be completely filled out prior to submitting to the Building Inspection Department for review.

COs are required for any business within the city limits. New COs are required when a change of ownership occurs, when there is a change in business use, or if the business is expanded into additional/adjoining spaces.

Businesses must be registered with the Dallas County Clerk's Office). Additionally, your business must be registered with the State Comptroller's Office and a Sales Tax Permit obtained.

The type of business you will be operating determines the number of City departments that will visit your site for inspection.

Building Inspection

Building Inspection will always send an Inspector (as early as the next business day) to look over your property. Our Inspectors are looking to ensure that there are no obvious plumbing, electrical, or mechanical (HVAC) problems; that you have the proper type of hardware on doors used for exits; and that no obvious construction has taken place without a permit. They will also do a general aesthetic review of the property. If violations are found, the Inspector will leave a detailed list of items to repair.

Other City departments have specific items that they inspect for and will leave detailed lists of items that must be repaired.

Building Inspection is the only department that makes an appointment to inspect. The other departments are notified by Building Inspection, and they send their Inspectors out when it is most convenient for them (when they will be in the area conducting other inspections, etc.). If you are not available the day that the Inspectors from other departments arrive to inspect, they will leave information for you to contact them for a follow-up inspection.

Once Building Inspection has received confirmation from all other departments that your building has met the City requirements, Building Inspection personnel will complete your Certificate of Occupancy and e-mail or mail it to you at the address you provide on your application. This process can take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Automotive Uses

Businesses that are geared towards automotive uses (i.e, selling of new or used motor vehicles, automotive repair shops, and/or tire shops) must follow the requirements in the Automotive CO Review Process (PDF) prior to submitting the application for Certificate of Occupancy.

Automotive Certificates of Occupancy are $288 ($150 Building Inspection fee plus a $100 Fire Marshall's Office fee plus a $38 processing fee).

Clean & Shows

In order to clean your property after a tenant has moved out and show it to prospective tenants, you must obtain a "Clean and Show" from the Building Inspection Department.

Please fill out the Certificate of Occupancy application and the Utility Release.

Return both to the Building Inspection Department. Fee for Clean and Show is $75 ($60 plus a $15 processing fee).

TABC Submittal Requirements

TABC Applications and Renewals began processing with the Building Inspections Department effective August 1, 2017. View a detailed list of requirements (PDF).