Is OverDrive up and working?

If you are having problems that you cannot figure out how to resolve, check the OverDrive status page. The problem may be on OverDrive's end and not with the title or your device. If all is well, email your issue to Library Support or call the Reference Desk at 972-205-2501.

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1. What is OverDrive?
2. How do I download digital books from the catalog?
3. Is there an app?
4. Are there instructions?
5. Are there help pages?
6. Is OverDrive up and working?
7. What does "Privilege has expired" mean?
8. Why are the downloadable books not always available?
9. Can I request the library buy certain downloadable titles?
10. Why does the library not have this book? Or only has the eBook format?
11. Who do I contact if I am having problems with OverDrive?