Development Professionals

Developers, surveyors, architects, engineers, and trade contractors are generally served by the City of Garland’s Development Review Committee (DRC). This Committee is comprised of various review departments and is charged with facilitating projects through the review and approval processes. Garland’s development process, from zoning to permitting to Certificate of Occupancy, is described in the Process Overview.

Below are some key points and information about the development and permitting process in Garland.


The Pre-Submittal Meeting is a fact-gathering and question-and-answer session between City Staff and an applicant seeking permits for land development or business operation. This is an informational meeting with representatives from departments that may require permits or enforce codes related to the applicant’s project. To schedule a Pre-Submittal Meeting, complete an application or visit the Pre-Submittal Process page for more information.

The Ordinances and Development Standards section contains all the important development codes you will need during this process.

Public Hearing

Zoning and Specific Use Provision Applications (PDF) require a public hearing process and City Council approval. For more information on this process, visit the Zoning Process page.

The Plat Application also includes a detailed checklist of requirements, franchise utility contacts, and related information. For more information on the platting process, visit the Platting Process page.

Plan Review

Technical standards and specifications, including Engineering, Stormwater, Fire, Electrical, and others, can be found in the Standards and Specifications section of the online Resource Center. Additional information about obtaining a site permit can be found on the Site Permit Process page.

For Developers

The City partners with private developers and businesses on projects that meet broader community aspirations and goals. The City of Garland offers a variety of economic development tools and incentives and works closely with the Garland Economic Development Partnership to promote economic development in the community.

For Trade Contractors

Download the Trade Contractor Application (PDF) to register as a contractor for the City of Garland.

Additional Resources