Discharge Permits

Industrial Waste Discharge Permits in Garland

Any Significant Industrial User (SIU) proposing to begin or recommence discharging industrial wastes into the sanitary sewer (POTW) must obtain a wastewater discharge permit prior to beginning or recommencing of such discharge. An application (PDF) for this wastewater discharge permit must be filed with the City of Garland Industrial Pretreatment Program at least 90 days prior to the date upon which any discharge will begin.

Significant Industrial User

A significant industrial user (SIU) is defined as:

  • Industrial users subject to categorical pretreatment standards
  • Any other industrial user that:
    • Discharges an average of 25,000 gallons per day or more of process wastewater
    • Contributes a process waste stream which makes up 5 percent or more of the average dry weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the treatment plant
    • Is designated as significant by the City of Garland on the basis that the industrial user has reasonable potential for adversely affecting the POTWs operation or for violating any pretreatment standard or requirement

Industrial Waste Surveys:

When requested by the City of Garland, industrial users must submit information on the nature and characteristics of their wastewater by completing a industrial waste survey (PDF).