What are the white particles coming from my tap?

Customers sometimes report white particles that clog plumbing fixtures. They may be bits of calcium carbonate scale coming from your water heater. The scaling may be worsened because water heater thermostat is too high. If the particles are calcium carbonate, you probably need to flush your water heater.

Many manufacturers recommend periodic flushing of water heaters to remove sediment that can build up. The sediment can cause discoloration of the water and can make the water heater less efficient. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's owner's guide for your water heater. Water heater manufacturers also make interchangeable anodes for differing water conditions. Check your manufacturer and model literature for a note such as the following:

Each water heater contains at least one anode rod, which will slowly deplete while protecting the glass-lined tank from corrosion and prolonging the life of the water heater. Certain water conditions will cause a reaction between this rod and the water. Once the anode is depleted, the tank will start to corrode, eventually developing a leak. The most common complaint associated with the anode rod is a "rotten egg smell" produced from the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas dissolved in the water. Do not remove this rod permanently as it will void any warranties, stated or implied. The parts list includes a special anode that can be ordered if water odor or discoloration occurs. This rod may reduce but not eliminate water odor problems.

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